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LIFE IS A BLESSING (Chalk) - Unisex Short Sleeve Tee

LIFE IS A BLESSING (Chalk) - Unisex Short Sleeve Tee

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Life advice for one and all. When we trust in the process and go with the grooves rather than against the grain, the blessings invariably flow.


This life is amazing kids,

Since it’s the greatest,

Gift you can get,

And yet life is what you make of it,

Don’t get phased by regret,

Each day unlocks the best,

And worst of life’s tests,

At times you might find it stressing,

But don’t regress like the meek,

And seek nice pleasures,

For to find true peace,

Is to learn life’s lessons...

This classic fit, short sleeve TEE fits like a well-loved favourite.

100% SOFT cotton with a RIBBED knit collar for better shape over time.

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