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TENNIS - Unisex Short Sleeve Tee

TENNIS - Unisex Short Sleeve Tee

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To be real with you, I have loved the game tennis ever since Rafa and Roger showed us how its done in the mid 2000s. Then my mums favorite came along (Novak) and those guys are why I havent missed a grand slam final for the last 15 years. Quite simply, I couldn't, they are like religious events to me now...

 TENNIS - (Being Real)

"Played on Clay or Hard

Even a grade A lawn

Whichever stage you’re on

Tennis is a game of heart

From Grand Slams

To local parks

Just playing can feel like art

Truly magical

If you haven’t then have a go

Although you have to know

Staying in a brutal rally

And winning the final point

Is what matters most..."

This classic fit, short sleeve Tee fits like a well-loved favourite.

100% SOFT cotton with a RIBBED knit collar for better shape over time. 

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